In a world where most things cannot happen without management, and all corporate successes depend on good management; the question of what is management is surprisingly popular. We all know that good management is important and that knowing how to manage employees or learn strong management skills is essential, but what is management exactly? What does it involve and what is its role?


Management can be understood to be a process or set of activities that are carried out with the aim of extracting the maximum output out of people and resources. Management is the process of organizing, structuring, disciplining, empowering and stimulating resources and people to produce results. Management is the art of knowing how to get the best out of people and resources so that your ultimate goal can be realized. In the business world, management refers to harnessing the potential of the employees and leading the corporate team to success after success.


Management has two aspects: managing oneself as a team-player as well as team leader, and the other is to manage the other people. A manager in a corporate organization needs to learn both, because he is also an employee and has other duties to perform as well- hence, management involves giving your best as well as getting the best out of the others.


Learning how to manage time properly is one of the essential skills expected in a good manager. We have all heard the adage that time is money, yet most employees continue to waste time and value it very little. A good manager is one who knows how to organize the team as well each day’s tasks and different projects such that each goal is accomplished on time and to full satisfaction. Allotting specific time portions for different tasks, making sure each employee is at work diligently, ensuring that deadlines are met and not allowing any scope for delays is all a part of a manager’s day’s work.


A good manager is often said to be mixture of different roles- a catalyst who can trigger processes, an enabler who can make things happen, a planner who can schedule tasks and activities and goals and a friend who can understand people, motivate them and connect with them on a one-to-one basis. A good manager cannot be limited to any one role; he or she must be able to meet them all. After all, managing means taking care of all kinds of responsibilities and ensuring that a variety of goals are met, so a manager who cannot don different hats is probably not going to go very far.


The key to being a good manager and mastering the art of management is knowing one’s own strengths and limitations, as well as those of the team. This way, you can get things done in a smooth fashion by planning ahead because you know whose talents you can use where and which employee might be a liability in a particular task.

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