What is Corporate Communication


Communication is the enabling cornerstone to any company or firm’s success. You want to be able to communicate with your employees well so that they can get their respective tasks done well, and you might want to communicate with your target market and other public bodies, if your organization is involved in any kind of public relations activity.


Corporate communication can be understood to be any message or communication originating from a corporate organization to its recipient publics. The term “publics” is used to refer to any party that is involved with the corporation. Publics can be external as well as internal.


The external public is the collection of business partners, government, governmental bodies, industry players, agencies, educational organizations and the masses, that the corporate organization is involved with in some manner.


The internal public is the group of employees, shareholders and stakeholders that are directly involved with the functioning of the organization in one way or another.


When it comes to corporate communication, transparency is an essential element. For corporate communication to be effective and productive, it is mandatory that the same message is communicated to all members of the internal and external publics. Since each party has a stake in the corporation in one way or another, it is important for everyone to receive the full and complete message. Doing so ensures that the corporation is recognized as credible. It is also important for the message to be morally correct, not violate any ethical concerns and be logical and reason-based. When a message meets these standards, it is known as effective corporate communication.


One may ask why corporate communication is needed. The basic point of corporate communication is to ensure that the corporation stays in contact with all the stakeholders so that the company is able to create an environment of positive interpersonal relations with all the stakeholders. The strength and progress of any corporation depends on its relationship with its stakeholders, and hence, keeping the publics informed and happy is crucial to the success of the company. Corporate communication ensures that the balance between industry output and stakeholders’ satisfaction is maintained. The purpose of corporate communication, in a nutshell, is to be able to maintain a strong base, expand and move forward in the industry.


The role of corporate communication is multi-directional. First and foremost, the function is to create a company image that lets the publics know more about the company behind the products and services they are using or investing in. Next, any irregularities occurring in the company claims and the final deliverables are to be tackled with corporate communication. The identity of the company is structured by way of this communication. Coordination with different players in the industry, on both internal and external levels, is achieved with corporate communication.


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