How To Make Money

Money. It’s a magic word. It’s a magic commodity. Who would have thought a few pieces of paper could mean all the difference in the world! Money talks, and it speaks every language and dialect in the world. Ask a man who has tons of money what he wants and the answer will be, ‘more money’. Nobody is ever satisfied with the amount they have! Never! If you have a hundred, you want a grand. If you have a thousand, you want ten thousand. If you’re lucky enough to have a million, you’re going to be thinking about the billion. That’s just how the world of money works, and those who’re smart enough to learn its ways are able to move ahead.


We all want money. Everyone does. Anyone who says he doesn’t is lying to you or lying to themselves. You don’t have to want money for selfish purposes. You might be supporting a family or you might be using it for charity, but the fact of the matter is, money calls out to all of us. So why is it that some people seem to have so much, while others don’t? why is it that the rich keep on getting richer, while the poor and middle class stay stuck in their respective compartments. The answer is simple: to have money you need to know how to make money.


Making money isn’t just about having a great business idea or making a killing in the stock market or investing in land and earning back ten times its worth. Making money is about being successful, understanding what works in the market and what doesn’t, understanding what your consumer market wants and giving it to them. Money is not all about economics; there’s a ton of psychology and behavior theory thrown in too!


The basic element of making money is to understand how the forces of supply and demand work. We’ve all heard about them in our Economics 101 lectures, but most people forget these nuggets or label them “textbook stuff and nonsense”. Truth is, these forces work, and boy do they work well! The theory is simple: if there’s a lot of supply, there will be little demand. And if there’s little demand, you’re going to have to sell your product/ service for cheap. A fine example would be that of regular brands like ADIDAS and Puma. They’re fantastic brands and have high-quality products, but they’re everywhere and they’re affordable. Now, take designer products like Louis Vuitton bags and Dior bags. They’re available in select showrooms, in limited quantities, are known for their exclusivity, and hence, are expensive!


In other words, if you try to make money by doing something tons of other people are doing, you’re not going to get very far. You either have to become really, really good at it, which would first require years of practice and hard work or, you have to do something that few other people do, and tread paths and go places that others only dream of.


Remember, leaders make money that they share with their followers, and no leader ever became one by following the beaten path! To make money, it’s often crucial to speak well. With The Leader Phrase Book, we provide you with 3000 phrases that put you in command.