How to Be the Envy?

Have you noticed how some people always seem to stand out, no matter what they’re doing? How they seem to glow and sparkle just a little bit? No, they’re not covered in body glitter or moonbeams! But they do seem to have that strange, mystical aura that other’s don’t- and what’s even better is that they know they have it. It’s a common trait with leaders- standing out of the crowd and knowing that you do so. Such people always attract attention from other people and they know they are the envy of others. Do you also want to be the same and learn how to be the envy of others?


If you want to learn how to be the envy of others, you’ve got to learn to see yourself in a special light. No, we don’t mean you have to get pigheaded about yourself! You just need to feel good about yourself and focus on the plusses and cancel out the minuses over time. A key to making others envy you is to be confident and self-assured and you can’t be either of those things if you don’t believe in yourself.


List down the talents and strengths you think you have and why you think you’re good at those things. You don’t have to be particular about what you note, it could be an attitudinal strength, a verbal or physical skill, maybe you’re really good at managing people or you might just be unusually intuitive. Recognizing your strengths will help you channel them better and you’ll feel good about yourself.


Set a high standard for yourself. Whether you have a role model you really aspire to be like or you have decided on some ideals you want to achieve or maintain, keeping a high standard will help you stay future-focused and never let you get complacent or lazy. When you are intent on achieving, you will, and this will keep you running ahead in the game- and leave the others biting your dust trail!


Be passionate. Skills can be acquired and honed, knowledge can be collected and wisdom comes with time. However, none of these strengths will ensure success or set you apart from the herd if you don’t have passion in you. Pure, unbridled passion is the key to enjoying your work and life and loving every minute of it. And when you’re that happy, you are bound to glow. And when you glow, you are going to master the art of how to be the envy of other people.


Be confident and poised. Even when you make mistakes, don’t allow them to reduce you to an nervous weakling. People envy those who seem to have everything under their control- even when they don’t.


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