How To Be Rich


Do you want to be rich? Of course you do! Who doesn’t want to be rich! But wanting to be rich and learning how to be rich are two different things. There’s no foolproof plan to getting rich and staying rich, but there are some tips and tricks you’re going to read here that can get you started! Follow them, use your common sense and stay alert to new possibilities and you’ll be on your way to becoming a millionaire!


To be rich, you’ll learn to think like a leader, and a strong leadership trait is to know how to make money, keep it and grow it! Leaders are usually backed by strong wealth and they’re good at managing it- a skill that could take you from the average citizen and put you in the league of the Trumps and Rockefellers of the world!


The first tip for how to be rich is to avoid quick successes. Even if you are employed in someone else’s company and don’t have a business venture of your own, concentrate on earning a steady income. Don’t look for one-time windfalls. There’s no sense in having a lot of money for little time; you’ve got to concentrate on making a lot of money for the long run.


The next step for mastering how to be rich is pure wisdom- savings! If you aren’t going to save money, you can be making millions each month and it is going to be of little real value. If you have a definite income you receive each month, designate a section of it towards your personal savings. It doesn’t have to be a large amount, even if you put away a small sum each month, you’ll be considerably richer by the end of the year! Keep saving like this every month of every year, and you’ll find that building a fortune is much simpler than it looks.


The third tip to those who want to learn how to be rich is much in the same vein: when you spend, spend wisely. Live within your means. Just because you have a lot of money at the moment, it doesn’t mean you’ve got to spend it all. Sure, it is great to indulge yourself every now and then or do something nice for your loved ones, but remember, in the long run, the small indulgences will hardly count if you are bankrupt. The biggest mistake most people make is to spend whatever extra money they have on frivolous things. You should definitely enjoy yourself, but before you take out your credit card all the time, ask yourself at least twice whether you REALLY need that jacket or those shoes!


Don’t depend on luck to make you money. Lady Luck may shower her blessings on you every once in a while, but the chances of getting billions back on an investment in an offbeat enterprise or winning the lottery really aren’t all that bright. Instead of sitting around and waiting for a fortune to fall into your life, work hard and make money. The only way to make lots of money and be very rich is to work for it!


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