How to Be an Entrepreneur?


With the success stories of unlikely heroes and achievers marking the last two decades, from Steve Jobs to Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, more and more young people today want to become entrepreneurs. There is something terribly exciting, even seductive, about taking a great idea and making it into a fabulous product to sell to the world. Everyone dreams of it but few know how to be an entrepreneur.


The first step to becoming an entrepreneur is to have a great idea. You can’t change the world if you do not have something new to offer to it. The old cliché of thinking outside the box really applies to people who want to become successful businessmen. Imagine, before Steve Jobs took the world by storm, who would have thought a little square device could hold a library of thousands of songs and videos on the move? Before Zuckerberg launched Facebook, who would have thought that one day we would be spending more time in our virtual lives than in the real ones. Ideas change the world, so you need to think of a fabulous one that you can transform into a product or a service.


Once you have an idea in mind, appraise it. It’s not enough to have a great idea and then just expect it to do well. Some ideas do really well while others nosedive faster than you can blink! Before you can make an idea into a business, you have to test it. Analyze the different angles such as expenses you will incur, how much time it will take you to build the product or offer the services, what price can you quote for the same, is there already a similar product or service out there and most importantly, what is the market viability of your idea. You have do study the market and check if people are actually going to buy your idea!


What is it that sets entrepreneurs apart from every other wannabe businessman? It is the ability to take an idea, test it, fail and start all over again. If you are going to be defeated at the first setback, it’s better you leave the field to others. Business, as they say, is not for the fainthearted. Ideas and successes will come and go, the only way you can make a real killing in the market is if you stick to your guns. Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. It’s about taking hits and continuing to move forward. If your first idea bombs, move on to the next. If it receives a lukewarm response, go back to the drawing board and figure out what you did wrong and tweak the original to make a more fabulous version.


Being an entrepreneur is all about taking risks, trying new things and having the conviction to stay in the playing ring, long after the audience is gone. It requires good communication skills and to be an entrepreneur, you should get The Leader Phrase Book, it gives you 3000+ powerful phrases that put you in command.