Be a Manager

How To Be A Manager


Learning how to be a manager isn’t easy, but with some tried and tested tricks, you can soon climb that corporate ladder in no time. Being a good manager finds its roots in learning some essential managerial skills, without which you absolutely cannot be a successful manager. In this article, we show you some of the skills of a good manager, and the fabulous techniques with which you can manage your team and get great results!


Set The Right Example

To begin with, when it comes to inspiring other people to do work, you cannot expect any results unless you’re doing a great job yourself. A good manager is one who first and foremost does his own job and then moves on to tell others what to do. A manager who assigns the team members theirs tasks and then does nothing himself with the explanation that he is too busy overseeing the work is a bad manager. A fantastic manager is one who does his work, gets other people to do their work and makes sure all other work is progressing well.


Don’t Be Afraid To Mess Up

Nobody’s perfect, and even if you are a good manager, you are likely to make a mistake every now and then. The trick to being a good manager is to allow yourself to make mistakes and learn from them. There are several managerial skills such as being able to give positive and negative feedback, sort out issues between coworkers and laying down the law regarding office performances, that do not come to people on their own. these skills can be learnt and perfected with time, you only need to be open to learning. Don’t let your shortcomings become failures, they should be stepping-stones.


Be Genuine And Honest

A common managerial mistake is to adopt a “manager personality” or “manager persona” that isn’t really who you are. If you try to force yourself to display personality traits that don’t come to you naturally, you are either going to have tough time balancing your real personality with your work personality or it will result in poor management. The best thing to do is to be genuine, be who you are and let people know the real you. This way, they will know who they are being led by and what they can expect in all situations.


Have the right tools

You must have the right tools and knowledge to become an outstanding manager. Learn about how this masters degree in organizational leadership can improve your managerial skills.


Be Self Aware

As a manager, you have an immense amount of influence on how people in your team feel, think and in effect, work. Your team members will constantly be looking up to you as their manager for direction so it is imperative that you are self aware and you keep a track of how you behave, talk, carry yourself and interact with the others. The slightest negativity or harshness can create a chain of negative actions and reactions in your team, even if you don’t mean to be tough on the team members. Make sure you keep a track of your mannerisms!

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