What is Company Communication?


Communication, as you have learnt, is the process of exchange of ideas, thoughts, opinions and views. Communication is the interpersonal exchange of intellectual and emotional messages between two or more parties. When it comes to company communication or business communication, this basic understanding of the communication process is not enough. Company communication is a unique field in itself, one that requires in-depth analysis and comprehension if you wish to master it. Company communication can make or break your business, and as a corporate leader it is essential for you to master company communication. As it has been said, “good communication means good business”.

Communication is integral to the stability and success of a business for a simple reason: businesses are made up of people. As individuals, if company employees are not satisfied, they will not be productive and will not yield favorable results. In other words, when it comes to business, dealing with people is the key to success, and communication enables positive interpersonal relations.

Various researches and studies have proven that effective communication skills are one of the essential traits a leader or manager must posses. When it comes to leading people to goals and getting work done, it is impossible to do so well if you are unable to communicate your ideas and thoughts and directions to your team properly. As a leader you will be mostly involved in communicating with employees. This communication is a crucial bridge between the various processes and activities that move the company forward. Company communication, in a nutshell, is the lifeline of the company.

In order to fully appreciate the role of company communication, let us take a look at the need for it:

Writing and speech are two indispensable traits any employee and corporate figure must possess, irrespective of the industry in question. Individuals who are unable to speak and write precisely and in a clear manner are usually not hired, and if they are already employed, chances are they will not go very far in the corporate ladder. Being able to communicate is seen as a must for any industry, as at one point or another, every individual is tasked with some communication-oriented responsibility. It might be as simple as sending a memo to another employee or as significant as leading a team through a corporate crisis. Communicating well is essential.

In company communication, there are some basic elements that enable effective communication. These are:

•    The objective of the communication should be well thought-of and defined so that the message represents it well.
•    The audience of the communication process should be kept in mind while planning it. As the very purpose of the communication is to convey something to the audience, it is the audience’s reaction that you have to keep in mind while planning the communication.
•    Motivation and inspirational communication is a must. Your words should be able to ignite the same passion you feel in others.
•    The medium of communication is central to the entire process. Will you be releasing a print advertisement, a TV message or a radio bulletin? Do you plan to call a conference and speak to people directly or are you holding a seminar or workshops?

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