How to be Productive


Do you want to learn how to be productive? What is it that separates the achievers from the underachievers? Why is that even though you are putting in as much effort as your colleague, in fact you’re putting in more, she gets all her work done before the end of the work day while you’re carrying work home every evening? Productivity isn’t about talent or genius or even about being skilled: it’s about making the most of your time and resources and getting everything done well, and quickly. In this piece, we teach you how to be productive and get more done.


Begin by identifying your weaknesses and changing them. Are you a disorganized person? Do you have no idea where to begin and so, you never do? Is there so much to do that you’re overwhelmed and you turn your back on it all? Productivity begins with organization. Organize your life. Minimize the clutter in your life. Get rid of things you don’t need and organize the things you do. Give everything a space, use it and keep it back. a neat and orderly life is the first step of how to be productive.


Mechanize your life, the right way. It isn’t enough to have equipment, it has to be the right stuff. Whether it is a computer we talk about or a light-bulb, every tool and item that contributes towards your work, in big and small ways, has to be the right kind. For example, you don’t have to have a Macbook to get work done. You can do a great job on a Windows 97 computer too. It all depends on whether the computer is fast enough, reliable enough and has the right software you need or not. That said, don’t compromise on quality. If you try to make do with a substandard item, it’s going to hold you up and diminish your productivity. Nothing but the best will do. But remember, the best doesn’t necessarily have to be the most expensive, it has to be the best for you!


Time management is essential to knowing how to be productive. If you don’t use your time well, you might as well give up all hopes of ever doing well. Keep a track of all the things you need to do and make sure you get them done. Scheduling all the work due in a planner or on a calendar or even in a PDA will help you stay on top of your timetable. Don’t leave anything to memory; make sure you jot everything down because it’s entirely likely that you will forget an important meeting or overlooking picking up some documents in light of all the other stuff you have to do.


If you want to learn how to be productive, you have to learn how to be focused. And being focused means you cancel any interruptions or distractions. When you have to get an important project completed, don’t put yourself in a situation where there is the slightest chance of a disturbance. Keep yourself cut off from any visitors, Internet activity, phone calls, errands or any other distraction. If you work at home, your office should be quiet and away from the family noises. If you are at the office, leave the office chatter for later; get your work done now.


Knowing how to be productive is about knowing how to get the best out of yourself without exerting yourself or spreading yourself too thin! With The Leader Phrase Book, you will find 3000+ phrases that put you in command of your life.