How to Be Organized


When it comes to efficiency and productivity, the world is divided into two kinds of people: those who are organized, and those who aren’t. You may put it down as finicky or fussy, but your mother really was onto something all those years she told you to keep your room clean and your cupboard organized. A disorganized house, workspace or life can spell big trouble when it comes to getting things done, achieving goals and being successful. A mess may seem like a small deal, but it can have a profound effect on your life. The conditions you live in and work in have a direct impact on how you feel. So, if your house and work area are messy, you’re probably going to be feeling frustrated, confused and inefficient most of the time. It’s a simple matter of learning how to be organized. It can make all the difference in the world!


Begin by organizing your things. Whether you organize them by function or by color-code, do it immediately. Assigning a specific place to each item will help you keep a track of what goes where. You won’t waste half an hour looking for that pen you just used an hour back or that memo you know you’ve got around somewhere. And once you have everything organized, maintain it. It is so easy to say “I’ll put this back later” or “I’m too tired to get up and keep it in the shelf right now”.  But once you start putting it off, pretty soon you’re going to have a huge pile of things accumulated and you’ll be right back at the mess you began with. The minute you are done using an item, get up and go and put it in its designated place. You spent a lot of time and energy getting things organized; now don’t let that effort go to waste.


Get into the habit of using a planner. Keeping a schedule is the first thing to master when you’re learning how to be organized. A planner can help you schedule meetings, errands, jobs, projects etc. and it will help you keep track of it all. You might think you’ve got a great memory or that little post-it you stuck on your computer monitor will remind you, but the truth is, with a dozen different things on your plate, a few are likely to slip through, as is the post-it. Keep a planner and keep all your important information jotted down- neatly!


Make the most of free moments here and there! You know, it’s hardly likely that you’ll get a 2-hour chunk at a go to do all the little stuff, but if you put together all the random free moments you have during the day, you probably have more than 2 hours total. Instead of waiting for one big bit of time to clear up, use the little bits. Make a phone call in under 5 minutes, respond to that e-mail you’ve been putting off, run an errand, get those documents photocopied, catch up with a colleague- whatever needs your attention!


Being organized is all about having a neat, tidy and output-oriented life. It’s much easier than you think! With The Leader Phrase Book, we give you 3000+ powerful phrases to be in command of your life.